Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little Sprouts April 2013

 I took Allison to her 'Little Sprouts' Gardening club again today where we learned about critters that live in our area.  Some are helpful to gardens and some aren't.  Allison impressed me with her bravery, she pet most of the critters that were shown including the snake.  She came home with a real snake skin which she thinks if fabulous (her mother does not!) and an envelope full of lady bugs.  For all her bravery in petting snakes she acted terrified of the lady bugs and refused to touch them or pick up the envelope.  Although she did chase them all around the garden once we released them.

And to wrap it all up we made Oreo frogs for dessert at lunchtime.  We really enjoy going to gardening club each month.  Hopefully we'll have an update on our own garden soon.

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