Monday, April 23, 2007


We spent the weekend up in Eastern Wahsington / Northern Idaho. We flew into Spokane and drove over to visit my cousin Teagen at University of Idaho and meet up with my Alaska friend, Carrie. We had some time to ourselves, too, venturing up to Coeur d'Alene to eat lunch and walk the boardwalk.

Teagen, our good friend, Carrie, Mark and I spent a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops and resteraunts and wandering around Moscow, Idaho. Talking, laughing, catching up and generally having fun. And of course the highlight of the weekend was seeing Teagen's fabulous performance in Oklahoma! He did it all folks - dancing (with retro-fitted tap dance cowboy boots and fur trimed chaps), acting and singing. Usually when Teagen's artistic side comes out it is part of Aunt Pam shining through, but I have to admit this performance demonstrates he is a true son of Uncle Loren's training - he has at least one kiss almost every single scene! Carrie posted pictures at her blog so you can check his costume out there!