Saturday, September 17, 2016

Neighborhood Concert

 Mark & I heard Heidi singing outside and went out to find her giving a 'Frozen' concert on our front step.  She's just a *little* dramatic!!

End of Summer Snapshots

 We had some fun times together the last week before she started school - including a yummy breakfast date!
 Heidi got a new headlamp for our camping adventure!
 She loves to ride fancy!
 We brought some tuna back with us from Newport.....and tried our hand at's hoping for good results!
 Time for haircut - means she gets a shopping date with Mommy, too!

They got to stay up late on Friday night to watch the harvest moon rise.  It was beautiful!

First Day of School

 They both wanted curlers in their hair.  And any guess as to which girl was wearing new school clothes I bought her as opposed to favorites from her wardrobe?? :)

River Rocks

 Nana and Papa took us on a little hike down to the river by their house.  The girls loved throwing rocks and helping Mark find good skipping rocks.

Beach Campout 2016 - Around Camp

 Storytime (Patrick McManus) around the campfire.
 Heidi does camping well!

 Allison's new pet.

She set-up a watch station for our site.  And sat there for over an hour.
Roasting hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for dessert!

 We saw whales on our way out!
Tub of crabs on the docks.

Beach Campout 2016 - More Sand & Sun