Friday, August 1, 2008

The Little Red Chair that Could

When my parents arrived down in Oregon they were a little disappointed that we didn't have any patio furniture so they went to K-Mart and got themselves some chairs and a 'funky table' as my Dad likes to call it. They also bought Ella her own little red chair and it was quite the hit! The little red chair came with us just about everywhere we went the last two weeks. She could get in & out of it herself, which she loved. If we were all sitting around talking she'd climb in it, sit back and gently kick her feet, smile and say 'hi' to us all. And if we were reading she'd try to sit down with a book in her chair, too, but that generally didn't work so well. I guess that leaves her something to work on to show us at Christmas. Ella showing off her chair sitting abilities at the beach house.

Ella taking in the scene at Osborn Aquatic Center (which she loved by the way!).

And Ella and her chair at the beach. She could sit there and dig as long as we would let her!