Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Program

 Allison loved being in the choir for our church's children's Christmas program.  Also worth noting we were very proud of her for not hiding behind the other kids! :)

 And her little sister was a total ham during my attempts to get a picture with a tree!

Santa's Helpers

 The girls found my stash of ribbons and bows....and every present in our house is now well adorned!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Snow Day Number....we lost count!

 With all the snow in the valley we knew there would be tons in the Cascades so we packed up with the Wagners and went on a big adventure in waist deep powder.  It took a lot of work to pack a trail to the sledding hill and then pack a sledding run.  Thankfully the men and Allison did a lot of the trail packing work....Allison showed us she's pretty adept at snowshoeing!
 We have Heidi's snow gear down to a bit of a science - which made for a fairly successful adventure.  She did need a mitten change once.  And at one point she took off down the trail by herself in pursuit of a 'gingerbread man cookie!'

 Heidi bringing us our lunch...with her second pair of mittens - mine.  She thought it was fabulous!