Thursday, August 27, 2015

Balloon Launch 2015

 Once a year Mark & I love on the dangerous side and roll the girls out of bed before 6 am to go see the balloon launch at the Art & Air Festival.  It is always worth it (but we still feel a little crazy).  Heidi loved waving to the balloons this year.

 This year's special balloons were one bee (last year it was a set of 3), a butterfly and Smokey the Bear!  Smokey was definitely Heidi's favorite - and a very timely reminder as there were many wildfires raging in Washington & Oregon last weekend (we're glad we went on Saturday morning, Sunday morning was very, very smokey!)

 Allison & I did 'art' on Sunday afternoon - we started with chalk painting and then Allison wanted to do water colors.  We both made several hot air balloon pictures but this was my favorite of hers:

Gathering Together Farm Ride 2015

 It has been several years since we rode our bikes to Gathering Together Farms with the Wagners, we finally did it again right after we got back to AK and it was fun!  Especially since it wasn't too hot.  Allison pushed me on the tag along bike which I found very helpful on the hills :).
 The girls wanted to stop at one of the parks on the way back - Allison and Bekah came up with quite a few silly things to do!

Allison at SIX!!

 Brittney & I took Allison out one night to get 6-year-old pictures in Alaska.  This girl is growing so fast and we're thankful to be her family!

Auntie Brittney practicing, too!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Alaskan Adventure Part 11 - Alaskan Raspberries

 We were in Alaska for raspberry season!  Mom has some bushes she just planted this year but they were still producing a few berries.  All of which Heidi could eat in about 5 minutes.

 Naomi invited us over to pick some of their berries, too.  We had enough to actually bring some home (after Heidi ate her fill) and Mom made raspberry scones, twice!  We loved them (especially with whipped cream).

Alaskan Adventure Part 10 - Phone Snapshots

 Flying to AK - just the 2 of us!

 Walking to Anita's

 Wearing Grammie's flowers in her hair!
 Grammie loaned Heidi some headbands to keep her hair out of her face for breakfast several times.

 Watching baby Jack one morning! 

 Trying on my 'test' skirt....there were pins in the hem hence her expression.
 Selfies with Auntie Brittney - there were about 20 on my way home!
 Her suitcase is as big as her!

Alaskan Adventure Part 9 - Grammie's Flowers

 Our Alaskan friends & family had lots of beautiful flowers growing - our Oregon weather this summer has not been kind to flowers so the girls thoroughly enjoyed them.  Grammie let them cut bouquets that the kept in their rooms.  I didn't get any pictures of Mom's HUGE dahlias but those were Allison's favorite.