Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Joani's Big Adventure

I've managed to find a group of women who like to mountain bike. We've gone for two weeknight rides, now and we're hoping to keep it up through the rest of the summer at least. Although we'll be going down in number next week. Apparently my sister-in-law figures it is best to take a break from the mountain biking now that she is 6.5 months pregnant. We've invited at least 4 others, though so we should have the numbers back up again soon!

Anyhow, yesterday we shuttled up to the Lewisburg Saddle, rode to the top of Dimple Hill and then down Dan's Trail. Dan's Trail was new to me. Janelle gave us warning at one point that when we hit a bridge there would be a steep hill right after it. I made a mental note - bridge & steep hill.

Unfortunately the mental note didn't stick with me so well. This was my 4th ride with clipless pedals, so I came across the bridge to a tight corner. I knew it was the spot to at least get my shoes out of the pedals, but I didn't really have the time without crashing. So I decided to attempt to ride it. And I crashed. That is right, I crashed going uphill.

The good (and disappointing) thing is that my pedals were set really loose so I popped right out and landed on a gloved hand. Meaning no injuries. No scratches to even speak of. Just a bit of dust on my bike shorts and gloves. Good, but a bummer.

Sarah Sowell informed me she fell awhile back and had good pictures of it on her website. I went there but I couldn't find them. Maybe if we all ask for them she will post them again for us.

I don't really have any pictures to go with this long post. And I really should have gotten a picture of the ladies this week since Janelle won't be with us anymore. I'm not sure why she can't ride anymore, her bike shorts still fit =). Oh well - I'll at least get one of the Sara(h)s sometime!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Jersey's Big Adventure

My sister, Brittney, has been visiting this week. And sadly enough I have not taken any pictures of her trip yet. Anyhow, last night she came home after dinner while Mark and I went to Bible Study. She closed the outside garage door, but briefly left the door from the house to the garage open. Jersey (the cat who always thinks he wants an adventure until it happens to him) snuck outside into the garage.

Mark and I came home about two hours later and opened the garage door, parked the Subaru in the garage, got out and started to walk inside. For some reason I paused with the door into the house open as I closed the outside garage door. And all of the sudden this flash of white came flying at me and around the corner and into the house. We had apparently scared the poor kitty pretty bad.

He now has a rather tarnished, dirty look (I guess our garage isn't the cleanest in the world). But judging from his appetite he has not been permanently scarred.