Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Pics

 Our friend, Brittany, took family pictures for us (they were supposed to be Heidi's 1-year photos but we waited for good weather and hit Peavey Arboretum perfectly for the trees in bloom!).  We spent a fun morning running around and then treated the girls to breakfast at Market of Choice - they earned it!

 Love those blossoms!

 This is Heidi's super-happy face, she scrunches her nose and tilts her head back, I love it when she makes this expression!

 These two pictures are some of my favorites as Allison is working to try to help Heidi smile! 

Easter 2014

 We enjoyed Easer last weekend, it was beautiful weather and we spent it celebrating with dear friends.  I found chocolate bunnies for the girls from a local candy shop.  Let it be known that Heidi LOVES chocolate bunnies (but that would surprise no one!)
 Allison has some of the best Sunday School teachers who had lessons leading up to Easter including making crosses they took home on Palm Sunday.  We enjoyed her cross which is still on our windowsill.
I tried to get a good picture of the girls in their dresses but Heidi wasn't so much into it.  These are some of my all time favorite dresses - Allison's was a hand-me-down from Bekah and I went online to find Heidi's to match.

This girl loved the Easter eggs!

Two little girls enjoying the eggs - I do love seeing how similar and how different they are and can't wait to see how their friendship (hopefully) grows over time.

My Helper

 We had a house full of guests coming over for Easter and Mark was playing music at church for the morning so Allison & I were on our own to get ready for Easter dinner.  I have to admit she was very helpful, I was so proud of all she did.  First she cleaned up the living/dining room for me.  Then she set the table and got it mostly correct.  Finally, she enjoyed helping me with food prep, including slicing strawberries.  She was so proud of herself as she got to use a 'sharp' knife (steak knife).  I really don't know that I could have managed to do it all without her, it is wonderful to see how she is growing up!

Heidi's Ponytail

Heidi likes to climb into Allison's chair in the morning (where I do Allison's hair).  So this past week I went ahead and did Heidi's hair, too.  She didn't mind a bit and I didn't make the pony very tight but it lasted all day at school.  I think it makes her look quite a bit older!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Hunt 2014

 We took Heidi on her first Egg Hunt this morning at the Benton County Park.  She found all of two eggs.  With a lot of help.  And she would not let go of those eggs (although she did drop them in her basket a few times, I suppose, but immediately took them back out).

 We were a little confused and ended up sending Allison out with the big kids rather than the kids her age.  Thankfully it didn't matter too much.  These three were excited to get going!
 Lauren found about as many eggs as Heidi.  But she at least knew she was supposed to open them to find candy.

 I love pictures with these five kiddos - there is so much personality in each one of them!  We wrapped up the morning with brunch at the Wagner's house - we were all thankful we didn't have to go far to warm up!

Easter Eggs 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Sign of a Good Day

 After the last few weeks I've determined the way to judge how much fun was had in a day is how dirty the laundry and bath water are.  Allison has always been a fairly 'neat' kid, I'm learning.  Her sister, however, finds sticking her hands straight into the garden dirt and giggling.

And we finally tracked down a wiffle ball bat for Allison - she actually managed to get a few hits today!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Back Yard

 The girls have loved playing outside in the spring sunshine.  Allison is twirling, jumping, throwing and doing lots of yelling and singing.  We are glad she's able to run her energy out in the outdoors!

 And the Heidi-bug thinks the old busted up coupe car is the best thing ever.  Especially because there is dirty water in the trunk that she loves to splash in.  And a door she can open & close and go in & out all by herself.  Yes, this girl thinks she is all that!