Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Alaskan Adventure Part V - Christmas Eve with Alaskan Aunts & Uncles

 Auntie Brittney, Uncle Keeton and Auntie Hannah had some very special events planned with the kiddos for Christmas Eve.  They started at Uncle Keeton & Auntie Hannah's house.  The kids all met the newest member of the family, Adak, the puppy and then decorated gingerbread cookies.  Brittney might have been the most excited about it!

 Next up - Uncle Keeton led them on a great tree hunt - to Mom & Dad's ridge.  They chopped down a tree and Ella carried it back to the deck where it got propped up and decorated with lights and a few ornaments.  The kids had tons of fun thanks to their super-awesome Aunts & Uncle!

Oh, and Heidi finally got over her fear of Uncle Keeton it appeared!

Alaskan Adventure Part IV - Baby Jack

 We were really blessed to get to stay at my dear friend, Anita's house for this trip!  She lives very close to my parents and we had two rooms to ourselves in one wing of her house.  I was very excited to get to meet her baby, Jack, who was born in July.  He is such a happy baby!  Both girls doted on him at every opportunity.  Anita gave Allison & Heidi coordinating Eric Carle pajamas for Christmas so we took pictures of all the kiddos in them.
Oh, and Jack has his 5-month birthday while I was there so I got in on the photo op!
 We arrived home one night as he was wrapping up his nap - is he a cute sleeper or what?
 Jack had never had such careful attention!
Seriously SUCH a HAPPY baby!

Alaskan Adventure Part III - Heidi's First Haircut

 Heidi & Allison both were in need of haircuts when we left for Alaska.  Allison went first (sorry, no pictures).  Then it was Heidi's turn for her first haircut.  Allison got her first haircut from my friend, Luanna, too, when she was just over a year old.  Lu did a fabulous job on both girls, of course!  And Heidi was a very brave girl!

Alaska Adventure Part II - Hatcher Pass Cousin Sledding

 One of our favorite Alaska Christmas traditions is a trip to Hatcher Pass for sledding.  There wasn't an excessive amount of snow this year but the weather was one of the best we've had for sledding - not too cold.  The kids had fun - we were just disappointed Parker missed out, he had strep throat that day!
 Heidi's first time sledding - she seemed to enjoy it as long as snow wasn't spraying into her face!

 Cason the Snow Ninja!

 Noah was tossing a football with Kep.
 Auntie Brittney giving sledding lessons.
 Savannah seemed so much more grown up this trip!  Allison was disappointed she didn't get to play with her more - hopefully there will be a summer trip for more fun!
 CrAzY Ella!  She loved 
 Gotta love the California crew - waving down the hill!

 Thankfully Rachel reminded me I needed to be in one of the pictures!
 The cousin shot - missing Cason he was done by this point.
 Since Noah was the only boy cousin in the picture my Dad told him he needed to turn his back to the camera - he was only too happy to oblige and get a laugh out of everyone!
 Love my snow baby - who isn't really a baby anymore!
Allison & Savannah - finally done snow wrestling with Auntie Brittney!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alaska Adventure Part I - Zoo Lights!

 My Mom did some research on family activities for us and settled on Zoo Lights for our first cousin adventure - it was supposed to be my brother Keeton's birthday adventure - just what every 29 year old wants to do, right?  The family had a really fun time - the kids ran around in the snow and lights were beautiful.  One of the best parts was watching how much fun Allison & Ella had together!  They were calling each other 'Sister' by the end of the night.  Oh, and if you ever go to the zoo - don't let Cason & Brittney lead the way if you want to be efficient! :)

 She loved the wolf in the background.
 Wolf Sisters
 Heidi was a bit dazed!
Grammy & Grr with all the grand kids - they were thrilled!

Christmas - Pre-Alaska Version

 Since we were traveling to Alaska for Christmas we did a little family Christmas the night before we flew out.  It even felt a little bit Christmas-y since Allison had her Church Christmas program that night.  Most of the gifts they got at home were too big to have in Alaska and / or things I had collected for the girls for, well, years that I was finally getting around to giving them.  We started with stockings.  I stuffed my own with some Pampered Chef goodies I wanted to try.
 Our first snow globe - I've always wanted one and found a good deal on one (with free shipping!) on Zulily this fall.  It was a huge hit with the girls, too!
 Mark read a Christmas Story book before we opened gifts together.

 Heidi loves Allison's Calico Critters and was thrilled to get some of her very own!

We finally gave Allison this jewelry box I bought on super sale from Pottery Barn Kids over two years ago.  It was perfect timing, she loves it, especially since it locks with a fancy key.  It is the perfect place for her to keep her extra special jewelry.
 We ended our Christmas celebration with a trip to Market of Choice for super fancy and yummy cupcake treats with Nana and Papa.  Then we headed home to rest up for our big trip!