Sunday, March 29, 2015

Heidi's Tulip Pictures

 Heidi missed the trip to the Tulip Farm so we stopped by one of our neighbors' houses this morning after church and asked if we could take pictures with their tulips.  It took Heidi a little bit to warm up but she did get into it wasn't quite the same as rows and rows of tulips but it will work for this year!

 Oh yes, and it was Palm Sunday this week, this girl was very excited about her palm branch...and playing peek-a-boo!

 And after all my picture taking today she found Allison's Corduroy Bear on the couch and told me she wanted to take a picture - these are her two 'poses' - she kills me!

And lest anyone think she always likes to pose I present Exhibit A - this happened yesterday when I stepped outside with my camera in the backyard where we were working and she was snacking.  I guess my attempts to get 2-year-old pictures back there were quite traumatic.  She also breaks out in a terrified cry whenever a dog barks back there...even if they are a tiny yapper 5 houses away!
 Oh yes, and Allison, showing Heidi how to bravely pose with the tulips!  The owner of the house mentioned they sometimes have snakes in their yard so she really was being 'brave' in this one! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tulip Fest 2015

 Jodi & I took Bekah & Allison to the tulip festival for the last day of Spring Break.  It was a beautiful day but slightly windy.  Heidi was left at pre-school since we took off during nap time; I felt guilty but it was very nice to just have the big girls while we were there.  Of course I took tons of pictures, here are the best...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Finished in 2015 No. 1

 I can't believe it is March and I'm just finishing my first quilt of the year!  I have been working on some, they are just bigger than baby quilts so there isn't much to show lately.  This is Brittney's auction quilt for 2015 - she actually gave me the fabric, a jelly roll, last year for Kroon Day.  It headed out in the mail today!

Ski-venture 2015

 Last weekend when we were in Bend with the Wagner's we managed to get one morning of skiing in.  Allison was so excited for her lesson!
 Heidi was very upset that she wasn't going skiing....she still won't be old enough for lessons next will not go over well!

 Jodi.  She looks like she's 29, right?  It was her birthday - what a great way to spend it!
 Heidi after waiting for Allison & I to finish skiing for the morning = not happy!
 Our little skier - she loved her lesson this time!
 Me on the mountain.  I forgot to bring my contacts - thankfully it was a beautiful day so I was able to wear my prescription sunglasses rather than goggles!
 The girls were sooooo ready for cupcakes to celebrate Jodi's birthday - Heidi then enjoyed some extra-special 1-on-1 time with her - both are girls adore Miss Jodi!

Beaver Fans!

 The Oregon State women's basketball team has been on quite the roll this season.  We love watching them play - even Heidi.  She wears her 'Go Beavs!' clothes every chance she gets.  I recently downloaded pictures from my phone and found quite a few from recent games....we're gearing up for another weekend of home games - the Beavers get to host the first round of the NCAA tournament as a No. 3 seed.  Go Beavs!
 A crew of old Fox friends!  One of the best parts of going to games.
 This girl loves the Beavers.  And snacks.
 This whole crew came to the last regular season home game - where the Beavers claimed the Pac-12 regular season title!  It was one big celebration in there - they are such a fun team to watch.