Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

 We had our annual gathering of friends for Halloween.  Including a chili dinner and to much sugar at the 'Brown House.'  It is always fun to see the kiddos show up in their costumes - I have to snap pictures as they come while there is still daylight.  Thankfully the rain held off until after everyone had arrived.
 Our three princesses - two Elsas & Cinderella.  Allison & Bekah also wore their dresses to Frozen on Ice last weekend.  Heidi didn't want to wear either of her Anna dresses for the party (she did wear one to Frozen on Ice and the other to go trick-or-treating at preschool).
 Olivia the Ladybug and Annie, another Elsa.  Livie was the only girl who wasn't a princess...I love that sweet girl!

 Annie made a fabulous Anna with a sweeping dress!
 Emma Bean as Rapunzel.  Oh man, this girl, she is the LIFE of the PARTY I tell ya.  She cracks us all up.  And that hoop skirt.  Entertainment all night long.  I really wish I could have witnessed Dan & Natalie trying to buckle her into her carseat in the pouring rain!!

 My sweet little Addie-cakes.  she is my all-time favorite baby in the nursery.  So happy.  So sweet.  And cheeks that are super-duper kissable.
 Samo the Pirate....and he even had his on parrot - Baby Lois!

 Abel was a pirate, too.  And from the looks of it - not too keen on me taking pictures of his siblings!
And Heidi-bug wanted her picture one more time by herself.  

Thursday, October 29, 2015

First French Braids

 I gave Heidi her first french braids this weekend.  She wanted braids for our trip to Frozen on Ice so I did another set on Sunday for church.  Her hair is very different from Allison's - she has less of it but it actually stays in braids better and has a little waviness to it.  It also has grown so much longer in the last year - especially when it is wet and combed straight down her back.  Not a baby anymore, that is for sure!

Hoedown Hootenany

 Our church had a hoedown at a nearby farm.  The girls loved playing in the various slides and we even made our way through the hay bale maze....with Allison's expert help, of course!  Unfortunately the sun was disappearing as we arrived so I didn't get very many pictures.

Finished in 2015 No. 6

 I was glad to take a quick break from bigger quilts and make a baby quilt.  It was based on the floral fabric below I found on our spring trip to Colorado.  The quilt has already made it's way to Michigan, to Baby Naomi, my friend, Carrie's littlest.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little Model

 The Heidi-bug helped me figure out lighting for some fall photos this weekend - she's pretty good at it, don't you think?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

 The girls & I hit our favorite pumpkin patch today with a few friends.  Mark is out of town for the weekend so I didn't get to quite as into the picture taking as I usually do - I actually had to pay attention to them!
 Fresh donuts!

 She found her pumpkin....and she could carry it herself!

 (Allison could not! :)
 Lauren was looking for the smallest she could find.  It was perfectly round, too!
 Annual walking away picture, of course!
 Heidi rode with Uncle Jon so I could snap pics of Allison driving.

 The girls wearing their coordinating skirts.
 And all the kiddos (mine were pretty tired for some reason so not the best smiles from them!)