Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last week my brother-in-law, Jon, and I were in a competition to see who could burn the most calories (based on what our heart rate monitors calculate). For me with 4 runs, 1 mountain bike ride and 2 channel classes I burned 4,216 kcal last week. So I took the weekend off. I also set a mileage record last week - 15.5 miles. I was tired. And I have a large appetite. But I'm thoroughly enjoying my summer. All in preparation of my 5 mile marathon in October =).

Unfortunately, Jon had a back problem, a rough work night (he's a paramedic) and got sick Saturday night so I don't think the competition was quite fair. But at least I know what I'm capable of when we try again!

We're going camping this weekend, we get to see Baby Bekah's first camping trip (Nate & Jodi's baby for those of you that know them). She's almost 1 (but really almost 9.5 months, but that is another story) so it should be a blast! I'll try to come back with pictures.