Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've decided that discipline is hard. But I'm supposing that is not news to the other parents out there. Or those who aren't parents at all. For Mark and I, our goal with discipline is to shape Allison's character, not control her behavior. And for a little girl who is not quite two and not exactly the most verbal we definitely have our challenges! For now we hope and pray that what we are trying to teach her starts to make sense and finds roots in her sweet little heart.

And then every so often we are surprised by this little girl. A few weeks ago, at her gymnastics class we caught a glimpse of character which no discipline could possibly have instilled in her. Most weeks the kids get some time to play with balls. There are many, many balls to play with but only two purple ones. There is one little girl who loves the purple balls and gets very upset if she doesn't have one. On this particular day Allison was across the room with a purple ball. At the other side was the purple-ball-obsessed little girl without a purple ball and another girl who had the other purple ball with no intention of giving it up. Allison heard the ruckus, understood it and walked over to the very upset purple-ball-obsessed little girl. Allison offered it to the very upset little girl, talking her own little Alli-girl gibberish (I'm assuming she was telling the other little girl it was okay and she could have the purple ball). Eventually the little girl got the purple ball from Allison and calmed down to play.

I was simply amazed at her behavior, I had not prompted it at all. She responded on her own initiative in a very kind manner to someone she saw that was hurting. When she was born we chose to spell her name with two 'L's specifically because the meaning we found for 'Allison' was 'kindhearted.' It has been our prayer that Allison would use her life to display God's kindness to the world. I was so blessed to see how God is already answering our prayers in her life....prompting her to share a purple ball with a hurting friend. I look forward to seeing how God continues to shape and use her. And I'm thankful that her character is definitely not dependent upon my meager attempts at discipline!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finished in 2011 No. 4

I have finished another quilt. I'm almost too embarrassed to post about this one, though, because it has been sitting around unfinished for so long. This quilt top has been finished for what I am guessing has been nine years. My first year in graduate school my friend, Heather, and I, along with the other women in her family made 'crazy quilts.' We each brought a yard of fabric that we liked (my contribution was the light blue fabric with lady bugs and flowers) and we combined them all to make crazy quilts. And even though I had the backing I never got around to finishing mine. Until now.

I used left-over batting from our headboard project and simply sewed the front, back & batting together (the first time I did with the batting on the outside - I was very thankful for my seam ripper when I figured that one out). Then I finished it by tying it with blue embroidery thread. I originally tried yarn but it was too difficult to pull through - I have no idea how folks tie quilts with yarn, I'm open to suggestions, though! I think I may need to go back and tie off in a few more places but I'd like to find some red embroidery thread first.

Normally I am not a fan of polyester binding and tying quilts but in order to get this one finished something had to be done. I'm glad I've finished this one, not just because it was sitting around for so long but also because Allison loves it. Go figure!

One other little note, when working on this quilt my friend, Natalie, happened to be over. She took one look at the quilt and then looked at me and asked 'So, do you think your style has changed?' Yes, Natalie, yes it has!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Toddler Bob

Allison was long over due for another hair cut this weekend. Her hair is very fine (like mine) and so far fairly thin as well. And Mark and I are not particularly gifted in 'doing hair' (yes, Mark 'fixes' Allison's hair more days than I do!). I took Allison to our local 'Great Clips' and we had a great experience and it only cost me $10 (not including the tip). I know some folks out there think it is crazy to pay money to get a child's hair cut - but trust me - if I can't even 'fix' her hair there is no way I could cut it! And I love how cute the little 'toddler bob' turned out.