Sunday, February 28, 2016

This Girl

 She keeps our entire family laughing.  I love that she still has dimpled knuckles and how she was intently waiting for Mark to share his muffin with her.

 Oh yes, and she can cut and cut and cut for quite literally hours on end.  She is actually quite good at it, too (and has thankfully not cut her hair yet!).  Mark taught her to put her thumb in the correct handle yesterday and she's been very proud of using them correctly now (after these pics).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What We've Been Up To

 A Walk in the Woods - with Sunshine!
 Superbowl Sunday - means they ate nachos for dinner in front of the t.v.
 Bedtime stories with Grr....
 Time for a car wash!
 Beaver's game with Auntie Britt & Uncle Tills!

 She loves cutting.
 Another Beavers game with Auntie Britt (& Grammie & Grr)

Heidi's Helmet

 Grammie and Grr took Heidi to the bike shop to get a new helmet.  She enjoyed trying them on - and we're very impressed with the new magnetic clasp style on the kids' helmets.  She enjoyed wearing it on a ride to the park.  With sunglasses of course.  Oh, and her red bike, which matched with Grrs!

Park Play Time

 We finally had some sunny weather while Grammie and Grr were visiting so we managed one trip to play at the park.  The girls loved being out in the sunshine for a bit!

Donut Baking

 We took advantage of Grammie, Grr & Auntie Brittney being here and pulled out our mini-donut maker and used a donut mix one morning.  The girls dressed for the occasion with their donut t-shirts and barrette (both were Kroon Day gifts from years past).

One Tough Chickadee

 Our Heidi-bug found a headband on Sunday morning.  She then proceeded to pull one pig tail out.  Auntie Brittney gave her a heart tattoo on her arm and she got another Beaver tattoo on her hand.  She was quite the sight!  But certainly calmed down and concentrated on crafting with Auntie Britt.