Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Alaskan Berry Picking

On our first day in Alaska Auntie Hannah invited us to join her on a berry picking adventure in Hatcher Pass.  It had rained thru the night be cleared up in the morning so we went for it.  Heidi was excited to find some blueberries but was disappointed to find they weren't *quite* as sweet as her beloved Oregon blueberries :)

 Snack break!!

 The girls loved Auntie Hannah - Heidi was always looking for a berry to put in her bucket.
 Silly Girl!
 They were thoroughly soaked by the time we were done picking.  And hence they were NOT in the mood to have me take a picture of them but the scenery was just too much for me to pass up!

August Snapshots

 Heidi loves her Team USA gymnastics leotard.  And cleaning.  Maybe cleaning will be an Olympic sport by the time she's 15??
 Mom & I went and watched Allison's KidSpirit 'Storybook Theater' on her final day of camp.  They had written a story about a missing pizza, she had a great time performing for us.

 Heidi picked out some vitamins on a recent shopping trip - and then she named them her 'Grr Fruit Snacks.'
 We've been working on drawing projects together!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Weekend with Miss Leslie

The girls and I drove over to Sisters for one final weekend with Miss Leslie at her parents' vacation house (which they were selling the day after we left!).  We had fun hiking, coloring, swimming, eating and fabric shopping, of course.  We went up to the Metolius to visit the fish hatchery and have a little hike and then spent the afternoon in the pool!