Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heidi Antics

 The Heidi-bug has been cracking us up lately with the things she's been trying.  She loves putting shoes and socks on herself.....and Allison!

 And she wants to try hula-hooping with Allison

 And a little snuggle time!

And this morning she dressed herself in one of Allison's swimsuits, one of Allison's tutus and Allison's swim goggles.  She was quite the sight!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Visit to the Farm

 Mark and I took the girls up to 'The Farm' this afternoon to play and visit with Nana Carol.  We brought dinner and Allison insisted that Nana tried one of her yogurt tubes.
 Mark & I took Heidi for a walk and we found a herd of cows - they weren't around when we were there for a wedding.  Heidi loved watching them and saying 'Moo!'

Allison spent her time looking through an I Spy book with Nana Carol, she loved it and can't wait to go back and look through the rest of the books!

Lil' Piggies!

 I started putting Heidi's hair in pigtails occasionally this last week.  She loves getting her hair done like Allison and pretty much insists I at least comb her hair and pretend to put a pony in it every day.  I decided to take pictures today - and she actually posed for them at the end - she sat in the chair and pointed to the camera wanting me to take a picture.  Loved it!  And her!

And we can't leave the big sis out of the pics!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Camping - Snapshots!

 I actually had quite a few camping pictures on my phone that I forgot to include in my original post!  We headed out on Friday - which was also Allison's last day at PCCCP preschool.  She was super excited to be going to kindergarten - her teachers and her parents, however, we having a hard time with it!!
 We made s'mores on Friday night - Janelle always seems to be in the middle of all the kids!  The adults got 'gourmet' s'mores with good chocolate - my personal favorite was Lindt chili chocolate!

 Mark teaching Heidi how to warm up her hands at the fire.
 Allison was able to ride her bike all over the campground - she has really improved her riding skills this summer and we are very proud of her!
 The Heidi-bug loves bikes, too.  And insists on 'riding' Allison's at every opportunity.

 More fat tire bike pics - Janelle & I even took them for a little ride!

This little girl was sooooo tuckered out when we finally headed home!

Camping 2014!

 We spent last weekend camping at the beach and did we ever have fun.  So much fun we were completely exhausted!!  Thankfully we had reserved yurts back in December so we weren't exactly totally roughing it - which was somewhat necessary for the kiddos to get decent sleep (and their parents!).  The kids enjoyed having breakfast together Saturday morning!

 This was Heidi & Lauren's first camping trip.  They did pretty well overall - although the first night was a bit rough for both of them!

 Beverly Beach has a great kids' playground so we spent a lot of time there.  Allison can actually do the monkey bars now.  Nate really is a monkey!

 Heidi was playing with markers with the big girls in the yurt!
 We took the bigger kids on a nature walk through the forest.  They loved exploring the big trees!

 The nature walk ended at the playground - where they got to play.  Again.  Kid's dream!
 After a little rest time we all headed to the beach to play in the sand and ride fat tire bikes (Jon rented them from the bike shop he works at).

 It was windy enough to fly a kite - and Jodi loves catching Nate & Mark flying a fancy fairy kite!
 These two love the sand, rocks & water!

 Dinner prep was rather long - it took forever to get a big pot of water boiling to cook the pasta.  Nate (the bank robber) kept our two entertained in front of the fire while Mark & Bekah cooked!

 On Sunday we had one more trip to the playground - this was Lauren's first time and she had fun following Allison all over!

 Five super fun kiddos!
 We wrapped up our trip with a stop in downtown Newport to see the sea lions - I have never seen so many!  Heidi was saying 'Arf!Arf!Arf!' all day afterwards.  And hot chocolate to warm up before the drive home!