Sunday, January 25, 2015

Party Girl

 Heidi had a little birthday party on Saturday!  It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday so we spent the morning at the park...

 Then she had a Minnie-themed party before getting some pool time in!  She played in the wave pool, kiddie pool and slide with her cousins and a few friends.  Surprisingly she didn't actually eat much of her cupcake!

 We had dinner at Chipotle after the party - it was incredibly warm and the restaurant was full so we ate outside - Heidi was excited to see the moon!  I had to document that she ate dinner outside - I don't know how many times that will happen for this January birthday girl - as long as she lives in Oregon!
Oh, and this little party animal?  She didn't eat her cupcake really but she cleaned up all of the fruit we brought to the party - she lovers her berries, grapes, oranges & apples!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 This is what is called 'help' at our house.  I'm going to let you guess if it is actually helpful! :)

Winter Quilt Show

 Allison and I went to a quilt show at the Oregon Garden with Nana.  Allison loved running around checking out the quilts and charming everyone she met!  Papa warned her she might see bears up in the hills by the garden....and when she saw a real bear she had to take a picture!

 This was the 'Elsa' Quilt at least to Allison.
 Allison is back to taking ballet lessons so of course she had to pose with the ballet quilt.
 And this is what she dubbed the 'Anna' Quilt.
 And then she posed with this quilt for Grr....I guess that means he's silly!
And the vendor booths - this is where she really got charming!  She loved this one with 'paper doll' quilts - the ladies made quilts with clothes they could change out with fusible fleece on the back - the ladies had to take a picture of her with their quilt.  At another booth she convinced some ladies to sell her a 'Frozen' panel for $4 (it had a slight flaw - they actually offered it up when I said 'no' to the regular $8 ones).  And then at the booth for our local quilt shop she charmed the owner's husband reminding him she loves the markers in his he gave her a fat quarter with baby animals on it.  Crazy I tell you - and a fun way to spend a day off!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Two-Year-Old

 Our Heidi-bug turned TWO today.  Hard to believe!  She wasn't very cooperative for a photo-shoot but she did have a fun evening celebrating!
 She 'set' the table for dinner.  Exclaiming 'I did it!' with every handful of silverware she carried to the table (there were several!)

 We ate her favorite dinner - Breakfast for Dinner!  We put her candles in the cinnamon rolls and had plenty of fruit, too, another favorite of Heidi's!

 And then we opened presents - we gave her the book Marshmallow - a sweet little story about a bunny (she is definitely a fan of bunnies!).

 And Nana & Papa brought her a brand new pink car!  It was a hit - once Daddy & Papa spent 45 minutes putting it together!!

 Her new baby cradle - her 'big' gift from us.

Lil' Miss Independent!!

 The Heidi-bug definitely has OPINIONS about the way things should be done these days.  Thankfully she doesn't take long to say 'need help!' when she gets stuck - so we just have to have extra patience to let her try things.  She asks me to take pictures - then she wants to see them (the pic below is her saying 'I see Heidi?')....

 Hangin' out with Allison...
 Dressing herself...until she couldn't...

 You think you're going to get me to smile?  Ha!  Love that little jacket - my Mom made it for me when I was her age.  She got many compliments wearing it while running errands with me!

Skippyjon Jones

 Last weekend we were able to attend a performance of Skippyjon Jones in Portland - Allison's friends Ethan and Emily were able to join us.  Allison & Emily made chihuahua ears and bandit masks before the show.  They all enjoyed it and were able to get their programs autographed afterwards....our only disappointment was that the special Skippyjon Jones cupcakes weren't available after the show - lesson learned!! 

Madder Science Night

 Our church hosted a 'Madder' Science Night where the kiddos got to enjoy some hands-on science activities and then a science/magic show.  Allison had fun making a milk rainbow, playing with bubbles she could toss with her hands and making gak!