Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heidi's Party!

 We had a little party today with friends and family to celebrate Heidi's birthday!  Our local pool has a toddler package which gives your party two an hour in the small warm pool along with a party room so we decided to do that since Heidi loves to play in the pool.  She enjoyed every minute of her party although she was fairly clueless that it was all of her.  She was thrilled to be given another cupcake!  (Mark did eventually take some of the frosting away!)

 Our little birthday water baby!

Music Lessons

 Heidi discovered the piano today and was having a good time playing it, which inspired Mark to get the guitar out and play for the girls.  Heidi then crawled over and picked up one of the shakers to accompany him.  She loves having him play music!

 Allison loves it, too, and convinces him to play songs she knows so she can sing along!
 The Heidi-bug can clap, too!

Heidi's Bowl

 We gave Heidi a bowl that suctions down to her tray for her birthday and she is enjoying getting to use it.  She concentrates incredibly hard trying to get a spoonful out.  Although it is tricky to get a spoonful when you are using the wrong end.

 Eventually she gives up and just uses her hands!
 She has also recently discovered her nose.  And sticking her finger in her nose.  She likes to do this and then blow through her nose, it must feel a little strange.

Silly Heidi-bug!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Heidi - One Year

 Our baby girl turned one this past week.  I suppose that means she isn't really a baby anymore.  This girl keeps us on our toes and we are enjoying seeing her personality really come out.  Heidi loves to be in the middle of the action, she is generally cheerful and full of life.  And she has a temper that is making itself known.  Here are a few things to remember about Heidi at one:
 Heidi is 31.5" (99%) and 22 lbs 12 oz (87%) - definitely a big girl!  And she eats so well - she will try all sorts of food.  Her favorites are fruit (especially mandarin oranges but we have to limit how many we let her eat) and beans.  Oh, and cupcakes now!  She had two new top teeth break through on her birthday and it looks like there are two more bottom teeth just under her gums.
This girl is social in many ways, she loves people and doesn't fuss when we drop her off at daycare or in the nursery.  She loves other kids, especially her big sister.  However, she has one mean stare for strangers.  She doesn't act afraid of them but she doesn't smile and she doesn't blink she just stares them down.  She also loves carrying something in her hand.  Lately it has been a Duplo Lego but in the past it has been a pencil and sometimes it will be a piece of Playmobil.  Heidi definitely adds so much joy and fun to our lives, we're so thankful to be her family and look forward to watching her grow even more!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Heidi Turned One!

 Heidi turned one this week.  She was very tired and a little cranky (she had two new teeth break through that day!!) but she still managed to enjoy opening her presents!

 We gave our winter baby one of my favorite snow stories!
 Allison wanted to get Heidi some silver shoes for Christmas....and I managed to find some on sale!  I have to admit I like Allison's idea of a gift!
 And Heidi's 'big' present was some cute melamine dishes.  Which can suction plate to her tray.  So she can feed herself even more independently.  We knew that would make her very happy!
 Our community group met that day and Ronda brought some super cute cupcakes for everyone.  
 Heidi had no idea what to think of everyone singing to her.
 When it was all over it took her awhile to figure out she could eat her cupcake but once she got started she had a really good time!

One happy girl!  We gave her a bath afterwards and she had a GREAT time playing in the bath. She was a little hyped up after all the sugar!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Many Faces of Heidi

 Our little Heidi-bug is full of crazy facial expressions.  She is always cracking us up!  I think she may be telling us just how determined (stubborn) she is with all of these.

And notice the little Legos in her hand?  She loves carrying Legos around with her.  Everywhere.  She has some that she prefers over others but in a pinch any will do!

An Escape from the Fog

 The girls & I went on a little adventure with Allison's Sunday School buddy, Emily and her family today since it was a school holiday.  We drove up out of the fog to the top of Mary's Peak and went for a short little hike.  It was wonderful to get out of the oppressive fog, although by the time we made it home the sun had broken through there, too!  Anyhow, Heidi got to entertain herself in the front seat while we arranged car seats and such.  She was very excited!
 Sunglasses.  It made my day to put them on!
 The kiddos enjoyed collecting sticks.  And see all of those low lying clouds?  We've been trapped in them for what feels like weeks!

 I don't know that I've ever seen such amazing air quality up at Mary's Peak, it seemed as though we could see everything!  Gorgeous!

Collecting more and more sticks!!


We went to Benji's birthday party last night.  It was a Spiderman themed party and Allison got a lot more into it than I expected.  She insisted that I called her 'Spidey-Allison.'  Cracked me up!
And the Heidi-bug got to eat dinner at this little table.  She was as proud as could be!

Brought to You by the Letter 'N'

N is for noodles!!

 And NutCakes!!