Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finished in 2017 No. 1 & 2

 Back in 2015 I picked up some fun holiday-themed nesting doll fabric and planned to make the girls some Christmas quilts.  Well....in 2016 I actually got around to making them but they weren't done by Christmas.  I finished them in January and now they're waiting for Christmas 2017 to be given out.  The good news is - I think they're cute enough the girls will like them even if they are 2 years late! :) 

Jan & Feb Phone Snaps

 A trip to the park to play ball!
 Auntie Sarah gave her a Barbie for Christmas....
 Trying on Allison's new ski boots.
 Making cupcakes for Daddy.
 Gotta love her sense of style!
 Dressed up for and worn out by the Pink Out OSU Gymnastics Meet where they beat Utah!

 After a weekend of OSU sporting events - and no opportunities to meet athletes Heidi was very distraught about not getting any of her posters signed.  Mark realized she just wanted someone to sign her poster - so asked if Mommy could - Heidi was thrilled to have me sign her gymnastics poster!
 She loves cleaning.....and icecream!

Puzzle Girl!

Preschool Family Day

Heidi's pre-school hosts a family night every February with Valetine's themed activities.  We enjoyed all of the fun games and crafts as well as spending time with her teachers, friends and their families!

January Ski Day

 We spent the last weekend in January in Bend - taking the girls for a skiing adventure on Mt. Bachelor.  Heidi had her very first lesson.  Her summary is that she 'tries to make a wedge but it is too hard' - the good news is she's less timid than her sister so she just goes straight down until she stops by running into something or the slope levels out.  Allison had a great day with her group - and even ventured off onto some of the other lifts - her favorite being Dilly-Dally Alley!  (no pics of her since we couldn't find her during her ski day!)

Green + Wet = Spring!

 We've had a VERY wet spring - so anytime the sun is out these girls are super excited to be out and playing!