Monday, May 7, 2007

Seattle Girls' Weekend

I had my semi-annual GFU ASC Central Committee Girls' Reunion this weekend. 4 of us drove up from Oregon to visit Leslie in Seattle. We did a few Seattle things like walk around Greenlake (and have a picnic there). And eat at the best Thai resteraunt just down the hill from Leslie's cottage. And we did some things that we always do, stayed up late talking, eating some sugar snap peas and lots of lauging. We missed Faith and Amy, but hopefully we can all see each other in July!

This was Sydney's first time out on one of our girls' weekends. Last spring Marisa was still pregnant. She was a fantastic sport! And the best part of having her along was that when she took her afternoon nap we all got an afternoon nap! And I managed to be a human high chair at least twice over the weekend. Her little eating noises are pretty cute. She is one long and lean little girl, we're thinking she'll be a b-ball player like her Daddy.

Thanks for hosting Leslie - we all had a great time. And see you all in July!