Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Ball

 The girls and I went to watch Bekah's first basketball games this morning.  They loved watching the action up so close and cheering for Bekah.  Jodi, Cara Lynn and I were very entertained by Nate - his competitive nature was definitely shining through cheering for the girls! :)
 Bekah did great keeping up with her girl on defense - and look at those hands up!
 Afterwards we took some fall Beaver Gear these three!

Heidi loves getting keeping the older two on their toes and chasing after her!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015

 Allison was very excited to get to participate in the Veteran's Day parade this year with her school.  They've been learning about Veterans for the last few weeks.  She knows they fought 'Hitler' and the come in either boats, planes or tanks.  But she doesn't know what a tank is.  The unfortunate news is her mother doesn't, either, I confused a humvee with a tank at the parade much to Mark's embarrassment :)

 These girls wanted a silly face picture!
 Miss Jodi might have supplied donuts.  Which kept Heidi entertained.
 Bekah had a sign - which earned her some extra attention from the parade walkers.
 Allison is in the pink jacket in the middle...she loved walking in the parade with her school.
 Sophie & Cole were sign carriers.

 Allison handed out thank you notes her school had written for the Veteran's.
Heidi enjoyed the parade but was a little concerned about her sister after she saw Allison walk by, she kept asking 'Where is my sister!?!'
We finished up the afternoon with a trip to 'The Farm' to visit with Nana Carol & Miss Laurel.  Allison kept Nana busy working through all the I Spy books!

Beaver Football

 We took Heidi to her first Beaver Football game last weekend.  We had some nice seats under cover from the rain thanks to the DeRoss family.  Unfortunately it wasn't the best football game we've ever seen, but we had fun.  Until we had to walk to the car in the pouring rain - Heidi might have declared 'I don't like the rain!' just a few times!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Frozen on Ice

 Jodi & I took the girls to Portland to watch Frozen on Ice.  We started with a stop at Petunia's for some gluten-free treats.  The girls loved sharing some slices of cake (Jodi & I might have, too!)

 I loved the little pumpkin display outside the store next to Petunias, but the girls weren't so good at posing, they were a little too hopped up on sugar!

The girls loved the show - and were dressed up - Bekah in Elsa's coronation dress, Allison in Elsa's queen/frozen dress and Heidi in Anna's coronation dress.  They had so much fun....Heidi is still talking about it! 

First Day of School 2015

 The first day of school was way back in September, but the pics were on my phone.  So here is Allison.  She has a new (bigger) backpack this year.  And thankfully Miss Jodi consulted on the 1st day of school clothes - the ones originally picked out clashed just a tad :).  So far she is loving first grade.  And for that we are thankful!

Phone Photos

 Time to post the photos off my phone!  We moved the girls into a room together this summer.  If Heidi has a good nap day (which is most days) she is up way later than Allison.  Turning lights on, getting books, getting toys and all sorts of things. We have since cut back on the things that can be reached from her bed at all :)
 Allison had a 'Pet Week' at Kid Spirit.  I had to take a picture of her worksheet - if she were a pet she would be a horse named Lucky.  That made Miss Jodi so, so, so happy!
 This girl.  And her sunglasses.  Upside down.  Totally 2.

 I was at the balloon launch, too!
 Allison's last session at Kid Spirit included a 'Musical Theater' class.  She performed three different numbers, each with a custom made 'set' - this is the one she worked on.  She is now available to teach anyone the Macarena.
 We stopped at the French pastry shop one day on our way home from church.  The girls and I enjoyed sharing some yummy treats & fruit for lunch (one was a ham-and-cheese croissant so there was some protein consumed!)
 Bekah & Heidi coloring on our yurt camping trip.

 Dinner & reading at Emma's house.
 80's style roller skating for Logan, Bekah, Sophie & Cole's birthday party!
 More fall riding.
 Yes, she still has a binkie....and she looks so peaceful when she sleeps.  I rarely catch her like this anymore.
 Playing in the park after ballet.
 Fall Starubucks stop for pumpkin bread.
 I love the yellow leaves on our tree out front.
 Heidi's ballet class had a 'performance' at the Mall for a Healthy Living Expo.  She wants to do it again!

 We took our annual trip to watch Uncle Till's team play soccer.  They are having quite the year this year!
The Heidi-bug and her scarecrow....that Jodi slaved over.  Good thing she appreciates it!