Friday, June 16, 2017

Bekah's Annual Spring Lily Pics!

 I love our tradition of getting pictures of this little lady at the end of the school year with my lilies - this year they were a little later than normal but we pulled it off!

Princess Cousins

 These two girls love playing together - they always want to dress-up together and I'm glad they'll let me take pictures when they do!

May Snapshots

 She loves cutting strawberries - and helping wake us up.

I was impressed Heidi was willing to share her special bunny!

 Allison took a faceplant outside and was pretty banged up - Heidi was trying to comfort her.
 Grammie and Aunt Pam made quite the wardrobe for Kit - including a bathrobe with matching slippers!
 The girls were thrilled to help make dinner one night - including setting the table (so they wanted a picture of it!)

 Grammie's annual picture and some goofy face afterwards....

 This girl LOVES shrinky dinks - and sunglasses.

 Heidi loves wearing Auntie Brittney's dress jacket from when she was little.

 Gotta love that Emma Bean!  These girls love Sunday School!
 Messy face!
 Summer sunshine!
Donut time!

Heidi's 'Big Ballet'

 Heidi has been looking forward to her 'Big Ballet' (ballet recital) all year - pretty much since she went to Allison's two years ago!  I have to admit this has been a bit rough - I actually missed her dress rehearsal because I had the time wrong (so no pics of her with her class!) and it took me a LOT of effort to get a bun to work (hence lots of pics of it!).  She had a great time - and I was thoroughly impressed with how well she did in front of all of those people without a dress rehearsal!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Finished in 2017 No. 7

I bought this quilt kit this past winter at the Sister's Quilt Store and this has to have been one of the easiest quilts I've ever made (hence I'm hanging onto the pattern!).  I made this one for one of Mark's former college friends and his wife as they welcomed a new baby.

Avery Park

 The girls had fun at the Avery Park Nature Center celebrating our Alaska friend, Aili's birthday!

 I have no idea how she came up with these poses!

Spring Walk

 Have I mentioned we've had a wet spring?  As a result pretty much any sunny day we're outside!  We took the girls to the local Talking Waters Garden for a quick walk one Friday evening - we were all thrilled to be outside.  And we found some MASSIVE tadpoles!