Thursday, April 23, 2015


 Allison has been in ballet this winter and spring.  She is actually one of the oldest in her class and in some ways I think it has made her self-conscious.  She has slowly worked up to doing the 'free dance' part at the end and Papa managed to get some pictures of her.  She's practicing hard for her recital in just over a month!

Little Reader

This fall we started 'reading lessons' with Allison.  It was definitely an exercise in perseverance for ALL of us to finish her reading lessons book.  There were some tears and frustration as Allison worked through this book but she never gave up (sometimes because we wouldn't let her!).  And she finally finished it and earned her prize - her Frozen Legos.  She is also a pretty good reader now, she is always surprising even herself at the words she can sound out.  And I haven't figured out what my prize is yet for sitting through all those lessons! :)


I downloaded a set of pics from my are some pics of what we've been up to....
 The Heidi-bug LOVES wearing her 'Go Beavs!' clothes and is an expert at spotting 'Go Beavs!' signs (see the banner behind her?).

 The OSU Women's basketball season finally wrapped up with a disappointing home game in the NCAA Tournament second round....Allison didn't know it was disappointing, she came home and played ball in the living room the rest of the evening!
 Allison got her haircut - and they put a pink chalk streak in it for her - she LOVED it.

 The Heidi-bug - she is a character - these pictures show the many faces of Heidi!

Garden Girl

 The Heidi-bug loves watering anything.  Good thing we have Allison's vegetable garden ready for watering at anytime!  I'm worried about the day she learns to turn on the faucet herself that day!

Perfect Evening in the Park

 We've been enjoying some perfect summer weather lately.  Heidi begs to go to the park every day so last Saturday we tried a new one - the girls loved it and the lighting was perfect for a few pictures!

I have no idea why Heidi was making that face - but she was making it in all the pics I took.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Peter Rabbit Tea

 The girls & I spent last Saturday up in Salem at the Carousel for the Peter Rabbit Tea with Mark's Mom.  Allison had been sick most of the week and we were worried Heidi was coming down with something, too, so we were thankful when they both woke up happy on Saturday morning!

Heidi loved the tea - especially putting sugar cubes in her apple juice - until Peter Rabbit came in the room, then she clung to me for dear life!  She wanted nothing to do with him.

 Allison is turning into such a little lady.  She loved everything about the tea and spent a lot of quality time with Peter Rabbit.

 Some of the ymmy desserts - with bunny ears, of course!
 After the tea party we went out to play in the park.  Heidi was relieved that the bunny left....and she loved telling anyone and everyone she could that she went to a tea party....and there was a scary bunny....but then he left....and she liked it.  She did also really like talking about the big bunny and waving at him from a very safe distance! 

Twirling Girls

 Allison loves dancing...and someone else doesn't want to let her have all the fun!

 She loves being 'Anna' especially when Allison is 'Elsa!'