Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Finished in 2017 No. 3

This is THE quilt pattern of 2017, I guess! :)  I made this quilt for my Colorado friend, Kara's new baby boy.  And I pulled it together with fabric entirely from my stash except the backing.  I didn't plan it but the yellow ended up looking like Carhartt fabric, which was perfect for a Wilson baby.  The quilt made it and is already in use - the best part of making them!

Turtle Bay

 I looked for a fun adventure for Heidi and I on our drive home from Stockton - we ended up at Turtle Bay Experience Center in Redding.  After lunch at In-and-Out Burger of course.  We started by exploring the park and Sun Dial Bridge.  Heidi loved getting out and running around on the various trails.

 She also made friends with the mosaic turtles out front.

 Eventually we made our way into the museum - unfortunately I didn't realize what time it was closing so we had less than an hour (but we got a discounted rate to go in!)

 And Heidi wanted one more round of pictures with her turtle friends before we left!

 Showing me the map of the trails.
Just a little on the goofy side!

Road Trip!

 Mark and Allison took a road trip to Arizona for Spring Break.  As they were stopping off to watch the Beavers play in the Sweet Sixteen Heidi and I decided to tag along for the first leg.  We spent nine hours in the car on the first day - whew!
 Heidi was super excited to stay in to stay in the hotel and play in the pool - except we were busy watching a basketball game so she played in the tub instead!
 We took the girls to the Stockton Children's Museum before the game.  Heidi loved roasting marshmallows at the 'fire' the reminded you to put it out with the bucket of 'water' next to it.

 Unfortunately the Beaver's lost.  Mark and Allison headed out and then Heidi and I were on our own.  Entertaining her in a hotel wasn't the easiest - but we managed to make it work.

 We broke our trip home into 2 days (one good thing about the Beaver's losing).  We stopped at our friend's the DeRoss' in Weed by Mt Shasta on the way home for the night.  Heidi loved being doted on by two grandparent figures - and I loved having her be entertained and a comfy bed.  We love seeing the them when they come to visit their real grand-kids every few weeks, too!
 Heidi spent her entire trip looking just like this!  She stayed content when she watched movies and that was about it.  We stopped at just about every other rest stop to run around and it worked.
 I promised her ice cream when we got home - and I had to make good on it as soon as we pulled into town.
 This was the ONLY time she slept in the car the entire trip.  In Jack's van on our way home after dropping off the rental car.  I couldn't believe she FINALLY slept.  And I love that she was all decked out in her Beaver gear in Jack's Duck van!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ireland in March

 I had another work trip to Ireland back in March.  This time I was able to stay at my favorite hotel again (along with the national rugby football team - it was a little funny to realize I was passing famous people in the halls every day but I had no idea who they were!).  It was a quick trip - flying home on St. Patrick's Day since it was a public holiday - and I mostly was working but I did enjoy walking around the grounds / golf course of the hotel.

I bought the girls some St. Patrick's Lucky Day Lucky Charms before I left - while I was there I learned Lucky Charms are a bit of a novelty in Ireland....at 8 Euros a box - YIKES!  Next time I'll have to pack a few boxes to share with some colleagues!

Kroon Day Weekend

 We spent Kroon Day weekend in Sun River again with the Wagner Family - who was happy to celebrate along with us as honorary Kroons - starting with donuts!  And donut themed shirts!
 The Heid-bug had her second ski lesson - she still has a ways to go!
 Bekah ordered a 'kids' burger that was the size of her head!
 Allison spent a lot of time reading - while Heidi learned to play poker with Mr. Nate.

 We had some time to play in the snow!

 Miss Jodi will probably not be thrilled that I posted this picture - but I needed to document how she got my girls hooked on watching April the Giraffe, waiting for her baby to be born.  Funny thing is the baby wasn't born until over a month later.  Jodi kept us all up to date on her status, though!!
The drive back was absolutely gorgeous with snow falling on the big trees.  It made traffic a little slow but we enjoyed ourselves regardless!