Sunday, February 25, 2018

Christmas Tree 2017

 The girls & I had fun decorating our tree this year - they are finally old enough to be helpful!  We gave them new pajamas & slippers - and I made them some Christmas quilts.  I didn't manage to get pictures of their 2017 ornaments; they were from Alaska - a caribou and a moose - I'll get pictures next year!

Tree Hunt 2017

 We thankfully had a dry day to go and find our Christmas Tree.  We didn't have to look hard - and found what we considered the nicest looking tree we could remember.  Heidi did take a face plant into the mud, though, we needed some amount of adventure :).

Nutcracker 2017

 Heidi's ballet studio puts on a Nutcracker every December and we managed to go this year along with Bekah & Miss Jodi.  The big girls wore the Nutcracker themed skirts they made.  We all enjoyed the show, particularly since Heidi's teacher was the Nutcracker in the ballet!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Spirit Week' 2017

 Allison's school has 'spirit week' each year.  Admittedly we aren't very good at participating beyond PJ day and Civil War day.  This year they had a 'rainbow' day in which each grade was assigned a color.  Third grade was supposed to wear green.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Allison doesn't have any green clothing.  So she wore her Beavers t-shirt.  We were so proud of her civil disobedience that day.  And that she demonstrated some flexible thinking.  Of course, we probably shouldn't be surprised that she doesn't mind since she spends an awful lot of time at Beaver athletic events.  The volleyball team had a great year - we enjoyed going to several games (and wearing orange every time!).  The complete pep band was out for the civil war game and it was impressive!

Finished in 2017 No. 11

 This quilt was made for Baby Grayson, he is the sweetest little thing that I get to see regularly in the nursery.  This was my first try at using the same two fabrics for an entire quilt.  The navy fabric looks has blueprints of a castle - one of my very favorite.

Finished in 2017 No. 10

 I made this quilt for my little friend, Isabella, who became a big sister this summer.  And she's sharing her room with her new baby brother - so I made this to complement her brother's baby quilt!  Heidi asked if this quilt was for her every time she saw me working on I might have made a second quilt top for her.  It may be hard to see but this quilt is full of 'magic' - mermaids, unicorns, dragons and more!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Nutcracker Ballet Dress

 Heidi was very excited to go and watch a local production of The Nutcracker, put on by her ballet studio.  Her teacher was even in it.  I managed to buy some Nutcracker themed fabric and had a dress made for Heidi.  She loved twirling in it and pretending to do ballet in the front yard.