Friday, April 18, 2014

The Sign of a Good Day

 After the last few weeks I've determined the way to judge how much fun was had in a day is how dirty the laundry and bath water are.  Allison has always been a fairly 'neat' kid, I'm learning.  Her sister, however, finds sticking her hands straight into the garden dirt and giggling.

And we finally tracked down a wiffle ball bat for Allison - she actually managed to get a few hits today!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Back Yard

 The girls have loved playing outside in the spring sunshine.  Allison is twirling, jumping, throwing and doing lots of yelling and singing.  We are glad she's able to run her energy out in the outdoors!

 And the Heidi-bug thinks the old busted up coupe car is the best thing ever.  Especially because there is dirty water in the trunk that she loves to splash in.  And a door she can open & close and go in & out all by herself.  Yes, this girl thinks she is all that!

Peter Rabbit Tea

 Allison & I got to go to the Salem Carousel on Sunday for a tea party with Peter Rabbit with Nana.  Allison was so excited to dress up and go to one of her favorite places.

 We had some yummy tea treats and there was a story time with Peter Rabbit and Mrs. McGreggor.

 And then Allison got to ride the carousel with Peter Rabbit, too (he was sitting on the wagon right behind her.

 And afterwards she ran around outside to try to run off all that sugar.  There was a group of people with a bunch of hula hoops that allowed us to try them.  It was certainly challenging but I managed to show Allison how to hula hoop!  She still needs some more practice :).

Beavers Softball

 We took the girls to the OSU women's softball civil war on Saturday.  Allison was so excited to see Benny there (and she got some Benny Beaver tattoos, too!).

 The girls loved running around, playing in the dirt and ate some snacks (of course!)

 And when we came home Allison wanted to play in the back yard.  She's great at improvising, she used a plastic golf club and plastic golf balls.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!


 Mark spent some time this weekend working on replacing some parts in all our toilets (I don't remember what they were called but they have to be replaced so the toilets will quit running).  And he had a little helper who had to be in the middle of it.  I think her favorite part was the blue gloves!

Friday, April 11, 2014


 At the Tulip Festival today I told Allison she could pick one activity we had to pay for - she chose the trampolines.  She waited in line for over 25 minutes to get a turn - I was incredibly impressed with her patience.  And then she loved the jumping.  I was proud of my cautious girl!  (And just in case you wanted to know - Heidi-but went CrAzY when Allison had her turn to jump - she wanted to be out there, too!  Prior to that she hadn't even noticed the trampolines).

A Beautiful Evening

 Mark had an evening meeting this week so the girls and I headed out to the 'duck' park to see if there were any baby ducks yet (there weren't).  Allison got to feed the ducks and Heidi went crazy in my arms - she wanted to jump into the creek after the ducks!  I didn't get very many pictures managing these two girls myself, but we did have fun!