Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hiking with Grammie

 My Mom came for a short visit in mid-June.  Allison and I took a few days off to have fun and play with Grammie.  One beautiful sunny day we headed up to a local recreation area, Mary's Peak.  We drove to the top parking lot and then hiked up to the very top.  It is a rather gentle hike so we pushed Allison to hike it all on her own (despite a few requests to be picked up!).  The wild flowers are gorgeous in this area during mid-June.  And surprisingly enough they only grow in one particular spot, perhaps due to wind and sun exposure (or lack there of)?
 We were so proud of her for making it all the way to the top.  Of course she got to stop 1/2 way up to eat 1/2 of her peanut butter granola bar and then she finished it at the very top while Grammie sent text messages and pictures to Grr.  What a beautiful day in the sun!  We came home and Allison refreshed herself by swimming in our kiddie pool.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Birthday Beach Trip

 Right after Allison's tea party Mark loaded us up in the car and we headed to the beach.  Mark had found a really good deal on a beach condo for the night.  We spent almost 24 hours hanging out at the beach, eating pizza, going for walks, inspecting anemones, watching 'Finding Nemo' and all around enjoying ourselves.  We might just have to make this a birthday tradition!

The Big 0-3

 For Allison's birthday we had planned to head to a local tea house.  But her friend Annie, had a baby sister due right around that time and Annie's Mom wasn't going to be able to drive.  So, my friend, Jodi, was kind enough to go all out and host a tea party at her house.  Was it fabulous looking or what?
 Jodi made special 'warm chocolate' for the girls and Allison loved drinking it out of her pretty little tea cup.  And Nutella sandwiches, yum!
 Our three tea party girls!
And a birthday cupcake, of course!  Allison loved her little gathering.