Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Devil's Lake

 We had a day trip to Devil's Lake by the coast for Aunt Janelle's 40th birthday.  The girls had fun playing at the lake house - and seeing the 40 candles lit up on the cake!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Finished in 2017 No. 3

This is THE quilt pattern of 2017, I guess! :)  I made this quilt for my Colorado friend, Kara's new baby boy.  And I pulled it together with fabric entirely from my stash except the backing.  I didn't plan it but the yellow ended up looking like Carhartt fabric, which was perfect for a Wilson baby.  The quilt made it and is already in use - the best part of making them!

Turtle Bay

 I looked for a fun adventure for Heidi and I on our drive home from Stockton - we ended up at Turtle Bay Experience Center in Redding.  After lunch at In-and-Out Burger of course.  We started by exploring the park and Sun Dial Bridge.  Heidi loved getting out and running around on the various trails.

 She also made friends with the mosaic turtles out front.

 Eventually we made our way into the museum - unfortunately I didn't realize what time it was closing so we had less than an hour (but we got a discounted rate to go in!)

 And Heidi wanted one more round of pictures with her turtle friends before we left!

 Showing me the map of the trails.
Just a little on the goofy side!