Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heidi - Two Year Pics

 Heidi turned two a month ago but I hadn't managed to snap any official 2-year photos until this weekend - and even these were a bit of a challenge to get- she wasn't so into getting her picture taken.  I couldn't figure out which was my favorite so here are a bunch.
 This little girl is so much fun at two - she is parroting everything we say and it is about the cutest thing ever.  She does have a mind of her own and it can be a (huge) challenge to get her to come around to your ideas sometimes but we love seeing her determination.
 Her favorite saying of late is 'Mommy, watch this' or 'Daddy, watch this' or 'Allison, watch this.'  she loves attention!  She also loves her friends at schools - she knows all their names, the cars they ride in and who their parents are.  I love pulling up and having her exclaim who is there, too.  And the welcoming committee in her class is pretty amazing, too!
 She is starting to notice things and put things together - we were at Chipolte after church today and they had OSU banners hanging - she saw them, pointed them out and exclaimed 'Go Beavs!'  She also exclaimed 'Go Beavs!' while reading her 'Jamberry' book this week - the page with the band - I think she now associates bands with the OSU pep band (she does love the pep band).
 She is now developing opinions about what she wears - but I'm still generally able to influence her.  Her FAVORITE things to wear are the things that Allison declares 'match' her.  She still adores Allison - and Allison is still an excellent big sister.  Even with Heidi getting a bit more into everything.
 She is still an excellent napper & sleeper - loves hanging out in her crib.  Although she has started to master the art of delaying bedtime - asking to say 'Night, night, Allison!' about umpteen million times every night.  She also still has her binkie but it never leaves her crib anymore so we're not too anxious to be rid of it.
 Alright, I suppose I should share a few favorites: books, chocolate, Allison, snacks, school and Mommy (still a Mommy's girl).
 We are so very blessed to have our little Heidi-bug in our family - she keeps us all laughing and on our toes.  All.  The.  Time.

Catch-Up Weekend

 We spent our entire weekend pretty much at home.  It was just what we needed.  The girls got a slow start to Saturday morning, playing together in Allison's room carefully reviewing our family Blog Books.

 Then the real excitement began - my friend, Jahred, from work is an arborist on the weekends and we had him coming out to work on our trees on Saturday.  Heidi was fascinated watching him trim our street-side tree.  She sat entirely still watching him for over 10 mins while I took care of things in the house.
 Then we all headed outside to watch & work in the yard.  Heidi spent her time loading up a Trader Joe's bag with all the snacks in the garage she could get her hands on and then attempting to open them.  yes, this girl loves her snacks!

 Allison loved helping Jahred and Ruth trim the trees!  For the maples in the back they needed safety glasses and helmets so she found her toddler sunglasses and bike helmet and dove in carrying branches out.

 And we ended Saturday helping Allison prepare for her 100th day of school on Monday - she's bringing 100 mini marshmallows!
And don't worry - we took time to listen to both OSU Women's b-ball games - they won them both.  We're ready for another busy weekend - the last two home games next weekend!

Monday, February 16, 2015

February Sunshine

 This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather wise.  Definitely a good way to spend a 3-day weekend!  We spent time at parks on Saturday, Sunday & Monday (today).  Sunday was the longest - Allison played basketball for over an hour.  Eventually Mark & Heidi joined us at the park and Heidi was super stylish in her shades - she loves wearing them!  I think sunny and 60s is about the best weather ever - although admittedly I'm really disappointed at the lack of snow this winter - I'm still hoping some will make it's way...

Beaver Weekend

 There were TWO Beaver Women's Basketball games this weekend actually at times when Heidi is normally awake so we went to both!  Friday night the Booth family joined us.  The kids loved dancing around - the game was a little intense and I was a little focused so I'm glad they entertained themselves!

 You can tell we were distracted on Friday night.  Heidi got a hold of the kettle corn bag - that is her eating straight out of it!

 Sunday afternoon we found the DeRoss family there!  Allison was so excited to see her friends.  And Benny, too, of course!  This game was much more comfortable and therefore relaxing.  And one of the best parts of the weekend - I saw two old college friends, Tab and Rachel - although in neither case did we bother to get a picture!  UGH!

It was also a gorgeous sunny weekend - the girls were literally dancing as we left the game on Sunday!

Valentine's Family Night

 Heidi's pre-school had a Valentine's themed family night.  The girls had fun decorating cookies, bags and playing games.  There was also a photo-booth, hopefully we'll have a family picture of that soon!

Heidi and her teacher 'Autty'

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day - Family Day

 Allison calls Saturdays 'Family Days' and since today was a Saturday and Valentine's Day we decided we needed to make the most of it.  We took both girls up to Salem to ride the carousel.  Allison loves trying to find the biggest horse she can.  Heidi, well, she sits cautiously on Mark's lap on one of the wagons just like Allison did at that age.  

 After several rides we took the girls outside to ride bikes and play on the playground.  It was so nice to be outside and enjoy the sunshine breaking through the fog. The girls played for quite awhile!

 After lunch out, stopping in to see Nana & Papa and a little shopping we headed home for dinner.  Heidi 'helped' Mark make a fruit salad for dinner.  She was very proud of her 'help,' too.