Saturday, June 11, 2016


 This girl turned SEVEN last weekend.  Hard to believe how quickly time passes.  This girl LOVES being with people - she is incredibly social and would rather spend time with friends than just about anything.  This year she's worked hard at piano and swimming - and has put in some time playing basketball (but team sports are more about socializing than effort for her at this point :)).  

She also says she loves science - and actually seems to enjoy her math homework.  By the end of they year she was zipping through her homework packets in about 5 minutes.  Seriously - we wouldn't believe her that she was done but she always was!  And she has taken to reading chapter books - favorites being some fairy series she gets at the library and Nancy Clancy (an older Fancy Nancy who solves mysteries!).  She also enjoys Lulu books and was given some Clementine and Treasures from Grandma's Attic for her birthday that she'll hopefully get into soon.

This is also *probably* the last year with her front two baby teeth.  She seems to have inherited her father's mouth - the dentist is starting to get concerned that her top front teeth aren't falling out b/c the adult teeth don't have room to push them out.  Lets just say there is some serious dental work in her future....but for now, I'm enjoying the young smile!

Silver Falls 2016

 We took advantage of some very mild weather (after being in the 90's last weekend - YIKES) and took the girls to Silver Falls for a hike.  We brought the BOB along - and did use it some, but Heidi was a trooper on our ~4 mile hike to the upper and lower South Falls.  And I was surprised we got by with only one snack break!!  Looking forward to more hiking with these two (especially if the weather stays like this!!).