Monday, September 18, 2017

Emma-bean Super Hero

 These three were helping me take pictures of some ladies at church this past Sunday.  Emma-bean cracks us up with her super hero posing antics!  Love how her personality totally shines - Heidi finds her pretty entertaining, too!

Lil' Chef

 Allison took two different cooking themed camps this summer - so we've recruited her to help out with family dinners.  Our goal is to have her making dinner - including picking out recipes and making grocery lists once a week or so.  She started this past week - making chili and cornbread.  She was so excited to get to cook.  And she enjoyed eating it, too.  With absolutely no complaining - even about the onions (I guess when she's the one putting them in there is no point in complaining!)

Bitty Ball Clinic

 Heidi is thrilled to be back at the Bitty Ball Clinic.  And her dribbling and passing has greatly improved over last spring.  Her buddy, Carter, is old enough to join in the fun along with Caden again.  And just in case anyone wanted to know - the outfit was pre-selected days in advance :).

So Grown Up

 This is Heidi - just standing around camp having a conversation with Jodi and I.  Neither Jodi or I can remember what she was talking about at all - we were both trying to make sure we could discretely take a picture of her looking so very grown up while she was chatting away.  And no - that is not coffee - it is hot chocolate!

Yurt Camping 2017

We had a great time with our annual Yurt Camping trip.  The Wagners, Bronsons & Hansons all joined us again this year.  Our trip included a well done ranger talk, campfire antics (including glow sticks!), tide pools, whale sightings, lighthouse climbing (for Mark & Allison!), Jr. Ranger badges, beach time and campfire fun.  We're already looking forward to next year!  Oh - and Heidi finally became independent on her bike - woohoo!

First Day of School!

The girls were both very excited for the first day of school.  Allison is off to third grade and excited to have several of her friends in her class.  Heidi is in pre-K....she started over the summer but a bunch of the younger kids moved up on the day school started.  She was the 'big kid' line leader and example to show the younger ones the ropes of being in pre-K.  We were very proud of the example she set - and Teacher Lindsey was, too!!

Bald Hill Hike

 Mark went golfing on Labor Day - so the girls and I got up early, too, for a hike up Bald Hill.  I didn't exactly take the shortest route but it was gradual and they were great little hikers - despite the rather warm weather eventually.  Oh, and you have to love how Heidi dresses for a hike!
 I took this picture to show how much poison oak there is up there - all those pretty red leaves - don't want to touch them!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Heidi & Savannah's Weekend of Fun!

 These two love playing together - since they are both the youngest in their families I think they are definitely the most happy-to-lucky, goofy pair around!  Heidi loved having a weekend sleep-over with Savannah!

Monday, September 11, 2017

5 Kids + Balloon Launch!

 Last year we missed the balloon launch - we were in Alaska - and that was okay b/c it was too windy to launch anyhow.  This year I was determined to go.  And when we had good friends mention they were wanting to do mountain climb but weren't sure what to do with their kiddos - we told them we'd take them to the balloon launch!  So yes - we got 5 kids up and out of bed before 6 am to watch a balloon launch.  We then fed them chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate at Elmer's - and then promptly took them to the park to run that sugar off! 


 Our friends, Cindy & Keith got to ride in this balloon!