Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spring Pictures

 I decided we should get 4 & 8 year pictures of the girls this year - especially with their Easter dresses.  They really enjoyed going into a studio and had a great time coming up with poses to do.  The photographer said it was the easiest session she'd done in awhile.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Mary's Peak

 We took a family hike to the top of Mary's Peak on my birthday - one of my favorite things to do as the wildflowers are usually in full bloom.  The girls were great (although it is a very short hike!) and enjoyed being outside and running around!

Hood River

 Auntie Hannah was down in Oregon at her family's lodge and invited us up for a visit.  The girls had a fun afternoon playing in the pool and then having dinner.  We were excited to see Auntie Hannah, even though she didn't make it into any of the pictures - oops!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bekah's Annual Spring Lily Pics!

 I love our tradition of getting pictures of this little lady at the end of the school year with my lilies - this year they were a little later than normal but we pulled it off!

Princess Cousins

 These two girls love playing together - they always want to dress-up together and I'm glad they'll let me take pictures when they do!

May Snapshots

 She loves cutting strawberries - and helping wake us up.

I was impressed Heidi was willing to share her special bunny!

 Allison took a faceplant outside and was pretty banged up - Heidi was trying to comfort her.
 Grammie and Aunt Pam made quite the wardrobe for Kit - including a bathrobe with matching slippers!
 The girls were thrilled to help make dinner one night - including setting the table (so they wanted a picture of it!)

 Grammie's annual picture and some goofy face afterwards....

 This girl LOVES shrinky dinks - and sunglasses.

 Heidi loves wearing Auntie Brittney's dress jacket from when she was little.

 Gotta love that Emma Bean!  These girls love Sunday School!
 Messy face!
 Summer sunshine!
Donut time!