Friday, June 26, 2015

Snapshots - June 2015

 The Heidi-bug loves her babies - and taking pictures with them!

 And then Heidi wanted Allison in the pictures, too!
 Allison's birthday happened to be National Donut Day....we got donuts, of course!
 First day playing in the pool!
 Happy Last Day of School!

 Birthday outfit from her cousins....and a donut shirt that she wore after her recital (the night Bekah came and brought her flowers!)

 Heidi, waiting for Allison's recital.
 Heidi loves making a grumpy face....Allison tries, too, but she needs more practice (unless she truely is grumpy!)

 Allison went to the OSU women's basketball camp last week.  I won a bag in the parent's free-throw competition.  Coach Scott was so proud!  He is definitely one of the best coaches ever!

 Heidi's preschool has 'Waterpark Fridays' this summer - she goes to school wearing her swimsuit and bringing her swim bag with a towel and a change of clothes.  She loves it - I think it makes her feel like a big girl just like Allison!! 

 She said 'take a picture Mommy' - of course I obliged! :)
 Raspberry season around here - 20 jars of jam!  Should last for a little while!
 Love this sleeping girl - not much a baby anymore!
Allison has been in KidSpirit camps this summer for two weeks now.  Her favorite activity has been gymnastics and her 'coach' has been telling me she is working really hard.  We're glad she has an activity that she is really working at - I loved getting her report card this week.  She'll have more gymnastics sessions later this summer.  (She got a swimming report card, too, but it was torn by the time she got in the car - wet from her towel - she was so exhausted she couldn't deal with the fact it was torn and there were a few tears shed over it even though it was still perfectly legible!)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

First Ballet Recital

 We have just weathered our first ballet recital weekend.  With three performances and a dress rehearsal over three days we are exhausted.  But Allison loved it - both the performing and watching the other dancers so I suppose it was worth it.  Her Tuesday pre-ballet class were 'flowers' - they started all tightly scrunched up as 'buds.'

 By the end of the weekend I was also impressed with how well I could make a bun out of Allison's hair - and have it stay in place for two performances and lots of running around in between!
 Allison had several pre-school, kindergarten and CAPS friends also at the recital - it was really fun to get to reconnect with friends we hadn't seen in a long time (or since, well, Wednesday!).  I was backstage for two performances and had fun with all the kiddos from the girls' preschool (these two and their buddy Payton all have siblings in the toddler class right now).

Friday, June 12, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

 Allison had her kindergarten 'graduation' this past week.  Her class had a little performance where they sang songs and recited poems, and she hid in the back!  She received her certificate and then I joined her for lunch with the rest of her class.  She learned so many things this year - and now she is really excited to be a first grader (and she's looking forward to camp for the summer, too!).

That's Allison with her buddy, Aidan.  They've been in class together since they were about 3!  His Mom captured first & last days of school of the two of them for me, too!

Lil' Ruby & Made in 2015 No. 3

 My friend, Katherine, came to visit from La Grande this week, bringing her new baby Ruby to meet us.  I was glad I ventured out on a weeknight - sweet Baby Ruby was quite the little doll and my friend, Katherine, is so much fun.  Oh, and my friend, Jen makes the best banana cupcakes, too!

 I bought a complete set of the Emmy Grace fabric this past fall with Katherine in mind.....I knew she was expecting a baby but we didn't know if it was a boy or girl.  I waited until Ruby was born to make this quilt - so I did a super-fast disappearing 9 patch.  it came together fast and I love how it turned out.  This fabric line is an all-time favorite of mine....and No.4 for the year is made of the same material as well..... 

Pool Time

 We had some HOT weather last weekend - so Mark our little pool out on Sunday afternoon. The girls enjoyed it for the most part.....other than screaming at every speck of dirt they found thinking it was a bug.....that could get old by the end of the summer.  Oh yes, and 'Popsicle' weather has begun as well, good thing she doesn't know her 'Popsicle' is packed with spinach!! :)

Lil' Miss Piggies

 We've had some warm summer weather already - so this girl gets piggies almost every day to keep her hair off her neck.  She also is quite the little Mommy to all of her babies - whichever happens to be her 'favorite' of the day!