Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stroller Fun

 Our day today was FULL, in a good way.  And I between a bike ride, first trip to the outdoor pool for the year I didn't snap any pictures.  Heidi is a busy girl at the park & pool so I don't have a chance to snap pictures like I used to.  However, at home, Heidi loves to sit in this little umbrella stroller and watch Mark work.  So, that is where the pictures came from today! 

Heidi's not the only one who loved this stroller - this is Allison at 14 months.  I didn't realize she used to make that same face!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Allison's First Sewing Project

 I decided I'd let Allison participate in an actual sewing project with me - we made some hot pads (they were supposed to be for her grandmothers for Mother's Day but it took us longer to finish them than expected).  She had a lot of fun sitting on my lap and running my sewing machine by pushing the buttons to do the stitching & cut the threads.  She also like lifting the foot.  She loved the fabric....and asked if me if I would make her a quilt with the same fabric....and if she could help.  We'll have to see about that - as much fun as she had her attention span was limited even on these!
 (she did 'ice cube painting' at school today, hence the 'Pinkalicious' hands!)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Beach day

 We spent Memorial Day at the coast with the Booth family.  It was a perfect day at the beach, we were so glad we went (we had admittedly considered changing plans since the weather was not looking like it was going to be favorable but Logan had his heart set on it so away we went - who knew the forecast would be so wrong!).  This post is a major photo overload, I had over 200 photos for the day.  There won't be many captions but it is easy to tell everyone had a great time!

 Logan, Allison, Mark & Jon spent most of their time building a 'hot tub.'  Hurricane Heidi systematically tried to break it down! :)
 Lauren loved chasing the birds!

 I think this might be my favorite picture from the day - so. much. chaos.

 We ended the day with a trip to see the Sea Loins.  Both girls crashed hard on the way home - oh what a day!

These two have fun together!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oh the Faces of Heidi

 Heidi is killing us with her expressions!  The only thing better than capturing pictures with them would be if I had captured the 'talking' that goes along with them.  Her gibberish is about the cutest thing ever.
 (click on the collage to view it larger)
 And this girl is not one to be left out - we're thankful the two girls have each other, they can play in the back yard together for hours!
 And I have to include these two; Heidi will insist she needed Allison's water bottle in addition to her own.  Silly girl!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Eye Exam

Allison had her first eye exam today.  Thankfully her eyes are nice and healthy and her eye sight is just what it should be.  She was a little disappointed when the eye doctor told her she didn't need glasses (I realized later that I think she thought a trip to the eye doctor meant she'd get glasses).  They dilated her eyes so she got to wear sunglasses all day and that made her feel rather special! :)

Seattle by Train

 The girls & I had a grand adventure this past weekend - we took the train up to Seattle to see Miss Leslie.  Allison was really excited to take the train, Heidi had no idea what was coming but she was ready to 'Go!' (her current favorite word).

 On the way up we had four seats facing each other with no table.  The girls loved the space, looking out the window and the snacks (of course!).  We were on the train from 5 until nearly 11 and Heidi did not sleep at all.  Thankfully she slept in the following morning.

 This was only Heidi's second trip to Miss Leslie's house and last time she was only 5 months old.  She loved getting to spend time with her!  Miss Leslie is one of the best at reading stories & looking at books.
 Our big Saturday event was a trip to the American Girl store - starting with an early lunch!  They gave Heidi a doll to borrow and both girls enjoyed helping their dolls 'drink' tea.  Or, well, Heidi kept pretending to drink her doll's tea.

 Then we managed to get an appointment for Allison's doll Alice to get her hair styled.  Allison was fascinated by the whole procedure - and we were impressed, they managed to french braid her Bitty Twin's short hair!

 We spent the afternoon back at Leslie's house while Heidi napped.  Allison had another tea party with her doll and Miss Leslie.
 The impressive braids!
 Allison loves Miss Leslie's hula-hoops - I didn't know she even had some but Allison did!

 After a swim at Miss Leslie's YMCA we took the scenic route on our way to pick up dinner - it was a beautiful evening!
 After church on Sunday we took Heidi on her first trip to Top Pot Doughnuts.  It was a hit (not that anyone would be surprised by that!).  We got her a doughnut with pink frosting & sprinkles.

 We caught the afternoon train home.  Our ride back was smoother - the train car was newer, more comfortable and we had less space (so it was easier to contain Heidi) and Heidi took a nap for over two hours!  Whew!
Both girls were excited to get home and see Mark!  Heidi did great on the train generally but on both rides she had totally lost her patience at the end when she realized we were getting ready to go and getting her stuff together.  Overall it was a very fun trip and we can't wait to see Miss Leslie again!