Monday, July 27, 2015

Seattle Girls Weekend

 The girls and I spent this past weekend in Seattle visiting with Miss Leslie.  We headed out to the Woodland Zoo on Saturday morning - it was perfect weather for the zoo, cool & just a tiny bit of occasional sprinkles.  It was pretty empty for the first bit, Allison enjoyed being our navigator.
 With a little help from Miss Leslie! :)

 This was Heidi's first trip to a zoo (except for her Christmas zoolights trip in AK).  It didn't disappoint.  She loved watching the animals - they were actually pretty active!
 After the zoo Heidi took a nap and Allison asked Miss Leslie to get her 'Hello Critters' out to play with....she was gearing up for her next big adventure!  We met up with Grammie at the airport and Allison flew up to Alaska!  She was so excited to go on a trip by herself.  I'm sure there will be lots more to share when she gets back.

 Heidi, Leslie & I headed out to dinner and shopping after dropping Allison off - Heidi is a natural, don't you think?

 This girl adores Miss Leslie!
 And we ended our trip with a stop at Top Pot Doughnuts (this time we tried a different location closer to Miss Leslie's house so we had time to go before church!).  

 She thoroughly enjoyed her pink rainbow doughnut.

And we took a picture with the giant Seahawks doughnut for our AK cousins - too bad we don't fly out to AK for another week - they actually had real donuts with Seahawks sprinkles (and Sounders doughnuts, too).  We had a great time visiting Miss Leslie and can't wait for next time!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


We had a crazy weekend.  Not in the too-much-going-on sort of way but in the what-are-we-doing way.  We spent most of the weekend at home, moving the girls into a room together and setting up Heidi's big girl bed.  I added to the crazy by letting the girls make cupcakes tonight.  I did most of the decorating - the girls couldn't differentiate between 'decorating' and 'eating.'  They loved every bit of this little treat!

 Concentrating hard!  (She will often stick her tongue out when she is concentrating!).  Her clean face didn't last long.
 Heidi's finished cupcake.
 Love those little hands.
 Allison wanted to decorate a few more....we saved those for tomorrow...we didn't give them to their cousins! :)
Yes, she enjoyed her cupcake, can you tell!?!?


 Heidi loves having Allison read to her.  And then she 'reads' the books back to all of us.  These two have lots of fun together!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Curtis Family Beach Trip

We spent the weekend at the beach with Mark's side of the family...we got there on Friday night, just in time for a campfire and s'mores.

 Most of the kids practiced jumping over a log...the little girls just basically went swimming in the sand.

 This girl cracks me up.  So. Many. Poses.

 Heidi & Lauren play together really well.  They would fill the big cart with sand for the big kids....
 Who spent all weekend working on this dam.

 Heidi did eventually get cold and wanted to be held 'like a baby'
 Saturday afternoon was a typical foggy / rainy day at the beach but while the tide was out we still headed down to check out the rocks.  We found a few starfish one one of the rocks.

 Our last morning at the beach was beautiful.  Allison convinced Papa to keep burying her in the sand,
 And the Heidi-bug even played in the water!

The trip wrapped up with Mark playing the guitar for a little worship music (and Allison dancing to the music) on the beach.  We had such a full weekend - both girls (and their parents) slept really well when we got home!

Backyard Garden

 I'm not sure how much longer our garden is going to survive....we're not the best at watering!  We did harvest our carrots last week....we planted seeds of different colors - we had purple, orange and yellow carrots (although all pretty small!)
 We have one ear of corn growing nicely.
 My garden flowers - marigolds & sunflowers...

 And what would a garden be without a tractor!?!?