Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013

 We decided to start of 2013 the same way we did 2012 - with a trip to a local recreation area with snow (it is a tradition now!).  This year there was a lot of snow and the sledding areas were a bit crowded so we hiked in for a bit for some more space.  Allison loved having Mark pull her around and sledding with him.
 Our friends, the Wagners, joined us again this year.  Jodi & I were photographers and helped start the kids down the hill.  I actually only 'helped' once - and thankfully Nate was waiting watchfully at the bottom and caught Logan before he fell down a small drop that would not have been pleasant!
 Mark's hat was his Christmas present from Allison.  She picked it out herself and was very, very proud of it.
 My nephew Logan was able to join us, too.  He had been sledding the day before with his family and was quite the expert.  This little guy is pretty fun to be around!

All three of the kiddos ready to hike back out (not only did we have snow we had sunny weather - we all appreciated the extra dose of Vitamin D even if it was only on our faces!).

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