Saturday, June 3, 2017

April Snapshots

 Picking daisies out in front of Allison's school.

  The girls had swimsuits and shorts on with the very first sunny day!

 True 'beauty' sleep and the resulting curls!

 Allison loved this outfit.
 My car hit 170,000 perfectly!

 She was determined to start her planter BY HERSELF.
 The sun was out so rarely this year shadows were a bit of a novel thing!

 Heidi drew this bird at school one day after a Spanish lesson on birds.  She wrote her own name, too, at least she had all the right letters!
 Heidi made a crown for Mark's birthday!

'Sports Day' at Allison's school!

Heidi - back at one of her favorite pastimes.  I think this was one for Mark!

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